Massachusetts Bay Company

Protection from the elements


 Contractors are competing for your business.  Will that business survive the test of time? At Massachusetts Bay, we provide quality workmanship with our Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.  Simply put, your project will be done to specifications that will last.  It's not just your property, its our reputation, and a relationship that will stand the test of time.  We back this promise with our continuing association with the Better Business Bureau.


 Commercial properties require maintenance.  So much of what we do is very simple.  Measure, cut and install.  It's childsplay.  We are able to fix your problems the first time, with many optional solutions.  Economy doesn't have to be unreliable.  Most of the tried-and-true materials remain the most durable and economical.   There are certainly parallel technologies which warrant your consideration.  Manufacturers research and develop some outstanding products, some of which prove to be the new standard by which all others are measured.  In several cases their higher cost is offset by their reliability.  Ultimately, we save you money by knowing how to address the problem.


 Take the time to choose the best solutions often enough, and it becomes second nature.  This experience has provided a fantastic education.  Our results are in the details that make the difference.   Each situation is unique, but providing a cost-effective solution rivals replacement every time.  We are called once a year to solve a minor problem on a 40+yr-old roof that looks terrible, but only needs fine tuning.  Well past its prime, it doesn't leak!  We have safely reinforced properties since 1993, saving the expense of renewal until it becomes necessary.